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Each Moment Is All That Is

Each Moment Is All That Is One Life through Catherine Weser

Rapport develops as an evolutionary result of more and more beings encountering their natural state of One Life awareness. Rapport is an experience of understanding and empathy for others, and it facilitates communication. From our perspective, rapport occurs only when equanimity prevails. As challenging events unfold in the world, the development of rapport becomes necessary as a means of acknowledging the connectedness of all life.

The realization that it will require all of you to contribute your unique perspective to ultimately overcome the political, economic, and climatic challenges ahead is also essential. Many of you want to turn, run, and hide from the challenges, because you feel alone and powerless. Some of you seek change yet have no sense of how to promote the change you seek. Inspiration, awareness, and an awakening to One Life is leading to a realization of global rapport. This is under way, and you will recognize it as your deep knowing reveals this to you.

Your deep knowing — your instinctive intuitive center — may have had a hard time lately, as it has been triggered by the nonspecific collective anxiety that permeates your world. As global rapport has developed, the displaced, the forgotten, and those who have lost their way somehow have felt anxiety that can penetrate any barrier you attempt to use as protection. At the same time, you can access all the greatest avatars, realized beings, and bodhisattvas who exist on this planet right now, and their compassion and wisdom are always available to you.