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Dream Zone: Dreams Unveil Relationship Patterns

Dream Zone: Dreams Unveil Relationship Patterns Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

In my dream, my dog was walking in front of me and would not listen. When we got to the car, I opened the door for him to get in, but he kept walking. I got nervous but knew if I went to find him with the car, he would eventually get in. When I finally got close enough to stop the car and open the door, he disappeared down some stairs, and I was suddenly on a bike.

I was going to carry the bike and follow him down the stairs, but found myself in a restaurant. I told people I was trying to catch my dog. Nobody was really listening. I looked out the window, where I could see my dog in the distance running with other dogs. I felt hopeless and scared. Then I woke up.
— Stormy, 62, McHenry, IL

From Lauri: Are you currently in a situation where you need or want to “catch up” with someone like an old friend or relative? Or is someone you consider a friend or thought was loyal giving you the cold shoulder, or is someone not listening to your side of the story or to your advice?