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The Darkness Is No Match for Your Light

The Darkness Is No Match for Your Light The Supreme Creator Goddess and Lightbringers through Luanne

Supreme Creator Goddess: God is in the details. I hold you all in my frequency of oneness. This is the new world order, a conglomerate of seemingly different souls holding one vibration of love. This is the way of most of the universes. You retain your individuality yet are bound by the one in a synchronicity of oneness. The clarity of your mind and soul are conjoined in purpose to the all. You remain personality souls of all your experiences yet are part of one great energy being. The many become the one and are still the many.

In striving for oneness, nothing is lost. Your soul personality is your individual personality with heart. Love becomes the only way to create. Heart-centered becomes the only reality. Feel, my great beings of light; feel who you are. Feel the peace of it all. Feel the rightness of it all.

Have you noticed when you call us that we respond with different personalities? Sounds of words and inflections are different for all the archangels, masters, and lightbeings you call and converse with. God is in the details. Goddess/God loves diversity. Why don’t you?