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Create a New Vision of Unity

Create a New Vision of Unity Archangel Gabriel through Ron Baker

Dearly beloved children of light, as you know, we are called Gabriel, and as always, we are most joyous to be in your divine presence. You will take all that you have learned from a year of shakeups in 2017 and a year of reckoning in 2018 and use those clues to shape a new vision. There have been activations since 2012. We encourage you to focus all that you have learned for your new vision. This, of course, is only a year of evaluating the new vision.

The world will be focused on the U.S. for the election year. Many things will be put on the table, and many people will have strong opinions about what the new vision needs to be.

You have had a time of shakeups, becoming clearer about your commitments. Now you will stand in the power of truth — your individual truths, which will come together as collective truths. You will find out where the majorities lie. You will find out who is willing to stand up for their priorities and who is still stuck in fear, shame, and judgment.