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Clear the Way for the New Age

Clear the Way for the New Age Ascended Master Sarah Daughter of the Magdalene through Rachel Goodwin

Welcome, I am Sarah. There is a light coming over Earth that can be seen as a dawn. Many of you can relate to the experience of having had a very long dark night of the soul. Now you will see the first glimpse of the light. At first, you will wonder whether you are imagining it. Is the light coming, or is it still night? Are you just imagining this glimmer because you are looking so hard at the horizon?

But no, in the first few months of 2020, you will know for certain that you are seeing the first moments of the dawn — not the full coming of the light as yet, but enough to give you hope. Within yourself, you will feel a lifting of the heaviness that has pressed on your soul. A certain point of achievement has been reached. A road will have been crossed, and you will know that all of your (collective) work has not been wasted.

Now is the time for you to truly focus on clearing the world around you. There is a moment coming when the world you live in, Earth herself, will be ready to shake off her old costume and will want to put on her new attire (the new Earth grid). Right now, there is too much magnetic discharge to allow this to happen. Too much human energy waste from the last eon is present on Earth’s surface, and it is humankind’s responsibility to cleanse and clear it.