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Choose to Turn Off the Fear

Choose to Turn Off the Fear Angel Ariel through Adria Estribou

We have come to a new chapter on Earth. This chapter is not just for you but also all humanity on the planet right now. Everything is very new. You might not be aware, energetically or otherwise, that such a change happened, because the sky didn’t turn pink and there wasn’t a lot of drama or heralding of the fact that things are very new now.

It’s not that people were walking around in chains, but energetically, humans were not free to be as they were designed to be: beautiful, free beings of light who are aware of their existence as part of the All That Is and aware of their ability to love and create any circumstance they want in life. It will take some time for humanity to collectively become aware of that change. But the possibility and the energetics are there already.

You can begin to practice and know that much freedom is here, and you will not be too frustrated if on the news they’re playing different stories. That could last for some time, this sort of disillusionment — mass disillusionment. But it doesn’t have the power to keep you bound in that anymore. So whenever you encounter a fear-based kind of conditioning, you can be much more aware now of the opportunity to make a different choice.