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The Biggest Puzzle

The Biggest Puzzle Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. What follows is the story of a very old, historic consciousness of the planet that is starting to crack open due to evolving Old Souls. It’s a grand story of Human consciousness and the way you think and act. It’s also a story of what has occurred in history that relates to the perception of the Creator.
The Grand Consensus

It’s fascinating to look at Humanity and see what was believed at certain junctures in history. Right now, there is consensus that Humanity believes in the afterlife. Statistically, over 80 percent of the billions of people on Earth believe in this elusive afterlife. Therefore, this belief is what we call intrinsic or innate. It’s an instinctual intuition you are born with; you have a seed-belief that there’s more — more than your life here on the planet. There must be something beyond what you see, and it is, perhaps, multidimensional.

There is also a consensus that this Creative Source is singular — One God. This leads you to larger questions about this singular Creative Source, which is beyond what you can see or create. That question has a consensus as well: Almost universally on this planet, through all belief systems, people believe there is something greater than their biological bodies. It’s like a “spiritual vehicle” you ride in called the Soul, and it’s eternal. You’re here for a while and then you move on to something else, forever. That’s the current general premise and consensus of that singular Creator and the Human soul.