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Beauty Is a Quality of Leadership

Beauty Is a Quality of Leadership Archangel Metatron and Iofiel Angel of Beauty through Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney

We are here. We are with you always in all ways and at all times — even beyond time. We are with you eternally. We are one in consciousness and presence. In truth, we cannot be separate. The sleep of separation is awakening. The desire for separation is fading. The truth of oneness is seeping into your experience. Your soul is calling you to come Home to oneness.

Can you feel the joy of reunion? Can you feel the sweetness of communion — coming-into-union?

Beauty is a powerful force of loving cocreation. Humans were imbued with a special attraction to beauty: beautiful places in nature, beautiful people and animals, and beautiful flowers. Humans have a deep need to create beauty in art, music, poetry, stories, clothing, homes, and landscapes. You are at peace when you are surrounded by beauty, because it feeds your heart and your soul. By communing with beauty, you commune in oneness with the source of All That Is.