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Balance amid the Chaos

Balance amid the Chaos the Cosmic Council through Pat Crosby

Pat: These predictions for 2020 were unusual to write. Even the assorted members of the Cosmic Council — which is what I call the variety of beings who come through at different times — had differing statements as to what’s up for 2020 and how I should report them. The first image I was shown was an amber/gold-translucent millipede of cosmic proportions: many feet, many possibilities, and many choices. Great stamina and power are available when all feet go forward in purpose, synchronicity, momentum, and rhythm.

The guides all agree it is essential to remain in love and stay centered in your core truth and balanced as the winds of change blow turmoil all around. It is essential to stay connected and strengthen your connections to the higher realms of light, Source, and your inner core truth.

The various guides sometimes speak of “you” and sometimes of “we.” That indicates different guides coming through. I have not named any, as they did not indicate names. This message is truly a collective council.