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Akashic Answers: Wake-Ups and Walk-Ins

Akashic Answers: Wake-Ups and Walk-Ins Amanda Romania

Blessings and greetings for 2020. After working in Egypt in 2019 and earning the title of the “girl who takes a journey under the Sphinx,” I’m opening up many realms of consciousness and observing the most beautiful souls embracing their awakening. I describe myself as a “wake-up,” meaning at some point in my life I had the realization I was a spiritual being and since then I have sought to be a bridge between the worlds to support and guide others.

It can, however, be confusing and daunting coming into these spiritual realities, and you can be left wondering how this can fit into your world. This month’s Akashic Answers’s column touches on this important topic.

In 2018, my husband decided to leave and find a new life. Of course, I was confused and devastated. Throughout 2019, I focused on myself and my healing. What else could I do? In truth, I hit rock bottom.