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Your New Normal

Your New Normal The Federation of Light through Maureen St. Germain

We know that many of you are experiencing an unexpected ringing in your ears. You wonder whether it is tinnitus. You wonder or worry whether there is something wrong. When you notice this sound, understand and recognize that it can be a message from your ET siblings — your ET partners or companions. How will you know the difference? Well, if it happens frequently, go to the doctor. If it happens on random occasions and you don’t feel there is anything wrong, say, “If you are from the light, I accept this transmission. And I ask for help in understanding it and releasing it to my 3D reality for whoever else needs it.” By doing this, you are proactively assisting us in assisting you.

We remind you, free will requires that you decide whom you will work with as well as when and how. If you have wanted to be a channel, this may be your first step. As you uncover and allow this, your ability to work with us will improve.

We are from the federation of light, a group of benevolent ETs who are here to support humans. We are not involved in the stories you see and hear about the space fleet or other ETs in service to the self instead of to humanity.