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You Cannot Contain Your Enlightenment

You Cannot Contain Your Enlightenment Lemurian Priest and Priestess through Adria Wind Horse Estribou

We have been watching humankind evolve for many centuries, and we see the great possibilities here for enlightenment. We do not say “to be uplifted,” for it is you who rise. We see a global sea of change as humanity becomes enlightened. For centuries, you had in your scarcity consciousness the understanding that only a few can be enlightened ones, such as Buddha, those who begin on this planet without full awareness of who they are and through some great strife and struggle (internal or external) become fully enlightened. You are creating this enlightenment now. In great swaths and pockets of humanity, this upliftment occurs.

Each soul need not feel alone in this or feel that strife and struggle is a part of it, as it was for the Buddha. In the collective upliftment, it becomes easier for more of you to jump on board. The knowledge is shared in a particulate way, in an atomic sense, at the smallest levels of your being — from your DNA structures to the collective brainwave consciousness shared on the planet. Through these and other means, the upliftment is shared.

If Buddha, who walked this world so long ago, can uplift others, then it is easy to imagine that those among you now who undertake that same journey will affect many around the globe because of the energetic upliftment each soul undergoes and carries others up with it. The collective effect is quite startling and brave. We say brave because in the past (historically on this plane), it has been one of two things: either a race has come to the planet with full (or nearly full) enlightenment, as was the case with the Lemurians, or an individual soul bravely struggled to create this beacon of light on Earth.