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You Are Paradigm Shifters!

You Are Paradigm Shifters! Cosmic Whale Grandmothers through Alessandra Gilioli

We are coming to you. We are many. We are a collective. We come from other planets and other universes. We come to interweave people, places, locations, timelines, worlds, and paradigms. We are what you might think of as paradigm shifters.

As you sense us, you feel how we are similar or how we resonate with you who are paradigm shifters. Inside you is a kernel of truth (a vibrational frequency) that matches the idea of being a portal — of light, higher consciousness, “intradimensional” kingdoms, angelic realms, unicorn realms, dragon realms, galactic frequency wisdom and knowledge, the heart of Gaia, and the universe and multiverses. You may be some. You may be one. But you are definitely several portals at once, meaning that you are always a portal to the route of your higher self, which connects to the one pure source frequency that “intraconnects” us all.

This multiverse and this universe are an intricate web of frequencies and lattices connected with different belief systems. To simplify these concepts, we would say that the lattices, or different webs in different worlds, represent the different belief systems people live by. Many lattices or realities are currently in the process of being disentangled or broken off.