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You Are on a Different Version of Earth Now

You Are on a Different Version of Earth Now Isis through Robert Shapiro

This is Isis. You will find in the coming months that this planet you are walking about on will feel a little different under your feet. You who are sensitives and attuned to subtle changes will likely notice it first. A few of you who are athletic and get out and about might also notice it even if you don’t consider yourselves to be sensitives.

The change will be a feeling — something that you feel but can’t quite quantify in words. I assure you this feeling is a good thing. As you know, things have been kind of crazy for a few years, starting with the weather and then moving on to various forms of earth changes and even some seemingly affecting global economies and politics. Many people have found this distressing and, when caught up in the middle of it, worse than distressing. So I want you to know that the purpose of the change was to place you in a different set of physical realities.

The simple way to put this is that Earth itself has not changed, but you are on a different version of Earth. Sometimes you will feel a curious feeling, and I want to share that with you now because some of you have begun dreaming about it. This is not so much a dream as a vision.