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You’re in the Awakening Now

You’re in the Awakening Now A Being through Arthur Fanning

Peace to all beings, mercy, peace, peace now. One of the things, among many others coming upon you, is you’re going to have to understand your responsibility for the weather. I’m not just talking rain; I’m talking tornados. Tornados are a spiritual mop, cleaning thoughts in the ethers. When a tornado is around, you’re not thinking what you’re traditionally thinking. They are not only cleaning the air but also cleaning the path.

You’re going to have to learn how to recognize the development of a tornado before it occurs. That’s how you slow it down. You’re not going to do anything once it’s formed; what you will end up doing is praying you don’t get hit because nobody knows the direction those things will travel. Just like you don’t know the directions of your thoughts, your contemplations, or your understanding of why you even have a life in the first place. Who gave it to you? Did you make it yourselves? How did that happen?

What’s being shown now planetarily is the result of disrespect for God, that term — God, Creator. Everything. Disrespect, that’s what is in humanity’s face right now. That’s why beings are caught up in this extraterrestrial phenomenon. The extraterrestrials are extraterrestrials; you are human beings. This is a special category. If you really understand it, it is a divine capsule. You’re encapsulated in flesh for your safety and for the protection of your divinity as you begin to understand yourselves and the divine nature of yourselves, as you begin to perform, and as you assume responsibility for your actions and your thoughts. “Perform” meaning you know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and for what purpose you’re doing it, which is for the completion of what you call an inspiration. Where did that thought come from? Particularly, it has to do with cleaning or squaring things away, putting them in order. That’s an inspirational thought. What the human condition does nowadays is put that thought off: “I’ll do that tomorrow. I’ll get to that.” So you’re missing the flow of the inspirational forces encouraging you to understand yourselves as encapsulated in the human flesh as divinity.