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The Universe Thrives on Diversity

The Universe Thrives on Diversity Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. There is so much noise in your life. It is not due to choices you make directly but more from the world you live in. We do not wish to add to the noise. We hope to clarify things.

Does the future look bright? It depends on how far into the future you look. We have never said “easy.” We have never said “smooth.” It is better to go into coming times with an upbeat spirit than not. This is a simple statement to make; however, when you are in the face of so much noise, psychic as well as physical, maintaining a positive spirit is challenging. It is easy to feel there is no value to things being done by you personally. It is easy to get lost in the mass of voices, the chaos of vibrational interaction.

We have spoken of vibrations before and indicated there is no predicting how individual events will work out. This is in the sense that one pebble dropped into still water causes a concentric ring of waves to flow out from the point of entry, but dropping another pebble nearby alters the first waves. Possibly, you can map such interactions in a controlled environment, but when you add a third pebble and a fourth and a fifth, suddenly the waves become, to all appearances, chaotic. Yet the patterns, the rings, are still there, and the energy is still there. The vibrations are simply reactions to moments of impact.