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True Communication

True Communication Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

We connect once again. We look forward to these sessions, as they offer us the opportunity to visit your world through you and thus experience what it is like to be a human in the third dimension. We are blessed to have this experience, for there are many who are not able or allowed to connect with humans. Strict and comprehensive rules must be obeyed to refrain from influencing humanity in ways that could be potentially harmful to your progressive evolution. Much testing and screening are done before those of us who connect with humans are approved to do so. Additionally, we are continually watched over and screened to ensure that we continue to maintain only the purest of communications with you. What an honor it is to be communicating with you now!

We wish to speak to you about communication, particularly how you communicate with other humans and all other living beings on your planet and in your dimension. Not by words alone do you send and receive messages, you know. Much else goes on during your communication, most of which you are not aware of.

Some of you know about body language and how certain movements and positions emit unspoken messages. There was much excitement about this discovery and its potential for clear and precise communication. Some said it was 90 percent of communication. We tell you that the percentage is much lower than that due to other unseen methods you have for communication.