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Strengthen Your 4D Consciousness Connection

Strengthen Your 4D Consciousness Connection Revelar through Tuesday May Thomas

Hello, bringers of light and all those who are currently creating the correct conditions in themselves to hold space for fourth-dimensional consciousness to be awakened. I am Relevar, a luminous Christos entity of the fourth dimension. I have come to you in your meditations and dreams for many years.

This message only exists in the realms where fourth-dimensional consciousness resides. This means if you can see and read these words, your third eye and heart chakra have awakened to absolute trust in the power of love, which makes this scroll visible to you.

This transmission would not be possible if it were not for your work to heal your body temples of past emotional traumas and keeping your physical vehicles balanced and clean of toxins. A clean self can help ease the downloading of light messages from the heavenly realms. Your clean bodies can ground the expansive, and sometimes explosive, kundalini awakening within you now.