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See Beyond the Differences That Divide You

See Beyond the Differences That Divide You Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

When we present you insights about the challenges you face, we speak as a unified whole. Indeed, we are individual pieces of creation with conscious thought and will, yet we come together in solidarity to offer you support in these very confusing and turbulent times. Many of you are burdened by what you see happening in the world.

You do not like seeing those in power, who have run the roots of your monetary systems for decades, gaining even more strength. This is difficult for many because you know the importance of working together to maintain an optimal environment for all beings. So when you are faced with officials who wantonly discard the common good in an attempt to profit off the populace they are supposed to serve and protect, it creates a huge dissonance within your beings.

Some have been told to ignore what is happening in the world, as it is unsubstantial, and to merely observe how events transpire for the greater good. Some are told that this is the enlightened way to deal with societal difficulties. We believe this is not so wise. Doing nothing to stop atrocities committed by those in power allows the behaviors to proceed unabated. In your world of free choice, often the butting of beliefs serves to show the folly of those beliefs.