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New Integrations Arise

New Integrations Arise The Cosmic Council and Archangel Michael through Pat Crosby

As the shift reaches a new crescendo of light and power, humanity has upped its game to be able to absorb, process, and integrate increasingly greater amounts of light and shadow. Now you have the ability and the skill set to make conscious choices concerning where you want to go next. Since the 2012 opening, the years have been filled with demolition — taking out the trash, removing garbage and obsolete energies, cleansing and healing your past lives, and putting to bed old issues.

We have told you that you were on the threshold of a new dawn. We did not want to scare you with the task of waiting on the hero’s journey of humanity, but you are living out one of the greatest collective hero’s journey. You, as a species, humanity, have chosen to set a different path while still being guided by the stars and oriented by your heart’s true north. You are focused on the supreme, pushing through the garbage-filled waters of pollution in various dimensions and pulsating with the divine love that is your core.

You have struggled with physical disease, mental contamination, false news, and manipulation. But always the light has shone into the dark closets. Your divine intelligence has honed your human intellect and heart. You are developing greater discernment, the ability to separate the truth from the dark.