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The Merkabah Helps You Manifest with the Heart

The Merkabah Helps You Manifest with the Heart Mary Magdalene through Mercedes Kirkel

Why is it important to learn about the Merkabah?

The merkabah is, in some ways, the completion of this stage of learning about your energy body — what it can do and how it can help you. The merkabah helps you in a couple of primary ways. It protects you. It acts like a crystal but in energy form. Many of you have heard from various sources that as you progress in your spiritual development and move into the higher dimensions, you change from carbon-based beings to crystalline-based beings. Your merkabah is part of this. The merkabah is energetic, not physical, with some of the qualities and capabilities of crystals. Crystals are very powerful forms of energetic protection if you know how to use them, and your merkabah is the same. That is one of the reasons it’s important to learn about the merkabah — so that you can have full access to its energetic protection.

Your merkabah is also an activation device, which is similar to a crystal. Crystals are used by the scientific world in many advanced technologies, such as the computer world, because crystals can activate high-level processes. When you activate your merkabah, its crystalline nature will be very supportive in helping you manifest much more directly, easily, and effectively.