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The Human Soul Always Seeks the Light

The Human Soul Always Seeks the Light Akashic Masters from the Records of Creation through Judith K. Moore

“In the beginning was the Word,” [John 1:1, NIV], which is manifest creation, an organization of conscious vibrations that became living concepts that guide humanity. Thus from the source of all that is, the Wisdom of Creation, a conscious vibration formed consciousness and created the records of creation, the divine plan for the manifestation of the realms and the dimensions. From this source, creation became an organized intelligence that determined how the dimensions cocreate the flow of universal oneness, time, space, and the infinite, forming reality on all levels.

In the beginning was the Word, and God set forth a race of divine humans to incarnate as humanity — human, man, humanity. The word “man” is not a reference to men; it is pronounced “maan,” which refers to the mana of life and human origin. This is the highest potential of human existence, which is now emerging to form the new human blueprint.

There was a place in creation that was precious to the living God, a place of vibrancy and light. All of creation is vibrant light, but this special place was a fertile loam for the consciousness of the living word, or the manifestation of creation in physical reality. Thus the living “Blue-Green Mother” was born of the source of the womb of creation to be the mother of all, the cosmic mother, the mother of life. She is the beloved, divine manifestation of the Mother God.