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How to Cope with the Dramatic Changes on Earth

How to Cope with the Dramatic Changes on Earth Juliano, the Arcturians, and Chief White Eagle through David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Many of you have asked us to offer information about how to cope with the dramatic changes occurring across this planet. Some of the earlier predictions of global warming and higher temperatures put this kind of change globally a decade or two decades into the future. No one predicted that the global changes would be this soon.

It would be interesting if someone could open an Earth Change Center, where people would receive Earth change reports from all over the globe. People could collect and report record-breaking temperatures happening around the globe. Such dramatic changes will increase. What might be more frightening is the possibility of the sixth mass extinction. There will be dramatic reactions in the oceans as well as fluctuations in the ocean currents and the jet streams.

As a starseed group, you have tremendous sensitivity and spiritual energies and powers. What distinguishes you from the rest of the population is that starseeds understand, establish, and improve their connection to the fifth dimension, which is revolutionary in many ways. Global networking has an immediate and profound effect on the collective consciousness and the collective unconsciousness of the planet. You each are doing the best you can. Understand that this fifth-dimensional energy and corridors establish a protective energy field around you.