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High-Tech Frequencies Wreak Havoc on Our Spiritual Well-Being

High-Tech Frequencies Wreak Havoc on Our Spiritual Well-Being Phyllis Light

What does spiritual well-being mean? How do we experience well-being on the spiritual level? At our core, we are all spiritual beings of light and love, and we are here to enjoy and express those qualities in life with others. This is an undeniable metaphysical truth.

We are far more than just three-dimensional beings who are only here to eat, drink, and be merry — that is, to have a pleasurable, sensory experience of the three-dimensional world. Sure, being in a body on planet Earth includes a 3D experience of life, but it is supposed to also include a fourth-dimensional, spiritual experience of who we truly are. In other words, we came here to experience both the third-dimensional world of all things physical while opening to a higher, fourth-dimensional reality. Such a higher reality allows us to learn and grow spiritually and to realize who we truly are at our core — a nonphysical, spiritual being of light and love.

How many of us are living lives that support our true spiritual nature? How many of us truly feel connected to a higher source or higher energy? It turns out that the world we live in is incredibly unsupportive to us in terms of achieving this connection. It is not only difficult to maintain a sense of our true spiritual selves here but, for some, nearly impossible. Why is this?