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Feel Your Love in Focus

Feel Your Love in Focus Mother Ulura through Karinna Nielsen

Within the energy of the great shift in consciousness, you might be experiencing a hectic and chaotic feeling that draws you away from moving through life in a centered space of love. With lots of stressful things in the news each day and perhaps unexpected changes in your lives and such, I’d like to address how you can elevate your experience on a daily basis.

Give yourself the time and space each day to feel love surrounding you, not the chaos. Build within you the ability to feel your love in focus — love for yourself, love for family and friends. Feel your love for the beautiful places on Earth, such as the calm, cool waters of a mountain lake or the serene quiet of the forest.

This is an opportunity for each of you to access the Goddess love within. I am speaking about the love within your hearts — male or female — that compassionately creates peace within when there is tension and a perceived lack of balance outside you.