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The Evolving Lightbody of a New Generation

The Evolving Lightbody of a New Generation The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Light master, your generation is now emerging and birthing new light system solutions for your New Earth worlds. The lightbody is your divine human spirit animated in the atom and subatomic substance of love. The lightbody will evolve its DNA helixes and their RNA transcription codes exponentially throughout the many New Earths and into their next superuniverse realms. You created this universe to explore all possible soul-essence aspects inside love that you could imagine. Here, we offer a simple base line of descriptive physics for self-realizations of the light vessel in review for you, young one.

The lightbody in the multilight universe is a blend of physical and nonphysical biomatter into new conscious, superconductive light systems. These biosystems (or biospheres) include new adaptive DNA source-code templates made of organic essence consciousness. The I Am, Eternal Presence, as embodied soul heart-core light allows perceptual awareness of multiple realities, biospheres, and realms in your light universes. Bio-cell wisdom of evolutionary experiences in this universe are imprinted and distilled via self-realization and self-awareness in the soul’s creator core.

The wisdom embodiment of all experience is a blend of divine and human. It is a blend of seen and unseen worlds, the atom, and newly born quantum light particles. It also blends the crystal human-essence soul, a diamond spirit, a multi-plasma orb, and a liquid light particle cell. It is a wisdom, or a self-realized, blend of old Earth atomic and New Earth’s quark neutrino blueprints with a base of eight new rainbow torus fields that channel new streams of consciousness. These rainbow streams are the creative essence from the cosmos to match the excitement and passion of the heart for an experience.