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Evolve to Higher Levels of Consciousness through the Tarot

Evolve to Higher Levels of Consciousness through the Tarot Aliyah Marr

After years of study and working with the tarot, I realize that it is a map, a guide, disguised as a fortunetelling tool. And while it is often used to tell fortunes, it is much more than that.

How does the tarot work? I have to admit that I was a skeptic in the beginning. I even created my first deck without believing in it or having any real experience with the cards. I thought the tarot was for credulous fools. But after I created the Transformational Tarot computer game, I tested the programming by running a few readings, and the results were eerily accurate. When I posted my game online, people wrote to tell me that their readings were the best they’d ever had.

My rational mind balked at the evidence. I had to explore the ideas of consciousness and quantum physics to arrive at an answer. Obviously, the player influenced the random program I designed. Perhaps the player’s subconscious chose to translate the reading in a more meaningful way than was possible in a random environment. That meant the random program was not truly random, meaning was being seen where there was none, or something else was at work.