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Dream Zone: Dreams as Warnings

Dream Zone: Dreams as Warnings Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I dreamed my husband’s truck broke down, and he rode in an invisible car to go pick it up. It was super cold and windy out. Then suddenly a cop told him he missed his meeting, which he didn’t know he had. The cop then took us to a very green field filled with baby goats jumping everywhere.

— Yonnie, 34, Stevens Point, WI

Lauri: Has your husband gone through something difficult lately? His truck could mean this is work related. Has he lost his motivation? Has he had a mental breakdown? The invisible car makes me think there is something he does not want others to know or see, and it is not unusual, as men tend to prefer to keep things closer to the vest. The wind also tells me a lot of changes have been blowing through his life.

The cop is a helpful character in this dream, so he must symbolize some person or action that put a stop to the negativity and redirected him in real life. Again, the green field could represent work (career field), but it is also an indication that there is now fertile ground for growth. The jumping baby goats may mean you feel he is joyful and ready to jump right back in to whatever it was that had previously stalled.