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Divine Love Will Help the Children of Earth

Divine Love Will Help the Children of Earth Divine Mother through Miriandra Rota

Hello, friends! News about more children being moved to the tent city — without schooling, medical help, or legal choices — has left me with a heavy heart. As I reflected on it, I realized that there are so many children on Earth in need of the most basic things. However, I am not able to physically go to the tent city and help those children. Perhaps you feel this way too. With this in mind, I asked Spirit what we can do to help the children of Earth.

Divine Love

Greetings. I am your Divine Mother, and I come forth to speak with you as you requested with your heart. You see, you are all my children. Each and every being is the child who flowed forth from me. And I birthed you into your incarnation on Earth. Your journeys are many and seemingly different, but each journey is for the purpose of awakening. In the process of awakening, there is pain that leads you away from one manner of being and toward another. Know that I am always breathing my love on you to uplift you from struggles, despair, and difficulties, as well as from feeling lost and abandoned. Know that I am always with you. Your Divine Mother never abandons you.

Now, you have asked how you can help the children of Earth, and it is my pleasure to answer your request. Yes, there are physical ways; however, those who receive these words will not be those who will go forth to fight for the children. You are to fulfill a different purpose.