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Chaos Is the Universe Asking You to Grow

Chaos Is the Universe Asking You to Grow The Divine through Sara Wiseman

We speak of flow as easy and effortless. Flow is what’s happening now, and the simplest way to move is to enter it. We give you these markers — ease, joy, and feeling right — to help you understand what flow feels like so that you can recognize and use these feelings to gauge whether you are moving in this energy stream or whether you need to adjust your efforts or your thoughts to get back into the stream. Again, to be in the flow is to be doing what feels good in your soul self. It is what is effortless, what seems to happen on its own, what is your heart’s desire, what makes your soul sing, and what your heart longs for at the deepest level.

In all these ways, your heart and soul move you on your path of destiny, your path of experiences that open you, delight you, and bring you joy. This path of flow may start out when you are guided by big goals, such as “I will make ‘this’ much money,” “I will have ‘this’ level of business,” “I will lose ‘this’ much weight,” “I will create ‘this’ particular level of success,” or whatever your goal happens to be.

Of course, these goals reflect the mood and flavor of the dominant culture, which tells you to be bigger, better, best, top, and so forth, as if being smaller or lower might provide less joy or less value. You do not have to be the best to be worthy, to be valid, and to have the experiences you need to grow. The dominant culture sets a trap by this worship of success. Don’t get caught in the trap! Understand yourself as a soul first and that you are here for experiences of beauty, joy, and connection. Let go of the desire for markers that don’t mean anything, and then ask yourself these questions: