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The Beginning of Global Mood Swings

The Beginning of Global Mood Swings Lynn Buess

This is the first month of what will be a very turbulent and emotional year of global mood swings and dramatic events. Building planetary forces begin to manifest in a more intense and, at times, violent manner that will affect humans and the natural world. These events will become more noticeable since they occur more frequently in populated regions.

Little do the sleeping masses know that a planetary battle (and beyond) continues. The good news is that more are slowly waking from lethargy and realizing that something is wrong in the way the world is being run. Tragic and enlightening events during this time shed more light on the workings of those who would bind the world in darkness to feed their hidden agendas.

Young adults around the globe are blessed with greater contact with their inner selves, and as they come of age, they will speak out with direct truth and accurate assessments of what is going on and who is doing what. Over the years, there have been names given to each group of children such as starseeds, Indigo children, hybrids, and so on. We might just think of them as elevated and evolved souls that are coming in with direct knowledge they never lose. Expect more of them to stand up and stand out soon.