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Be Present to Manifest Success

Be Present to Manifest Success Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

p>Though the energies for 2019 began emerging in November and December 2018 (with the activation of air in November and water in December elementally), this month the third full moon at 0° Leo, a fire sign, awakens the elemental energies of truth and spirit fire activation for all. This solar father energy is here to shine the light of truth on hidden agendas.

At the beginning of time, the earth energies consisted of Geb and Pan, the horned god of the forests and wild places, until the introduction of the Adam story. Then the cosmic mother energies of Lilith were replaced with the submissive binding of Eve (a feminine submissive passive energy created by Adam magically from his rib and the earth without going through the God source) to the earth, as supposed punishment for transgressions by Adam’s God. There were four trees in the Garden of Eden that covered the entire Earth — the Tree of Life, the Tree of Knowledge, the Tree of Wisdom, and the Tree of Truth. When combined, these create the Cosmic Tree of Unconditional Love and Creation. These four aspects made up heaven and Earth, yang and yin, and align with the four directions. At the center is the heart, creating a cross on which the ego is continually crucified on the journey of life leading to enlightenment.

The extreme focus on the Tree of Knowledge in the myth of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden left out more than three-quarters of the story — dividing head and heart, heaven and earth, and masculine and feminine. This created schisms that are beginning to be recognized within the human psyche today. For the human kingdom to reconnect and become part of the cosmic flow, the pieces to this must be rediscovered, integrated, and empowered for humans to once again become whole and to contribute along with the other kingdoms of the cosmos.