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Akashic Answers: Wealth and Abundance in 2019

Akashic Answers: Wealth and Abundance in 2019 Amanda Romania

Welcome to 2019! I am delighted to be presenting you with insights and observances from the akashic records. This year, 2019, is a 3 year, which means it is a year for joy, self-expression, and communication. This is also a year of fast-track spiritual growth as the solar flares and energies increase in the sacred sites around the globe, opening up new and exciting opportunities to engage with energy forces.

As promised, I am addressing the wealth and abundance questions and calls I have been receiving. Please enjoy them.

I have four children and six grandchildren. I have led a very prosperous and happy life with my husband. He passed away just over a year ago, and I’m following a spiritual path of travel and life experiences. However, my family is concerned that I need to be investing in a secure financial future, avoiding paying high taxes, and supporting my community. I think they are worried about their inheritance. I love them, but my parents (nor my husband’s) did not leave us anything, and we achieved many financial goals in our lives. What do you think?