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Your Spectacular Journey to Heaven on Earth

Your Spectacular Journey to Heaven on Earth The Pleiadians through Sylvia Bucek

Reverence for all life is the key to the kingdom. You are standing at heaven’s gate holding the key in your hands. There is no password to memorize, no secret code, and no fee to pay at the gate. Admission is free.
Clearly there is no visible gate. With the third eye open wide, as far as the eye can see is the sacred world that every soul is born into and quickly forgets but always remembers after stepping into his or her metamorphosis and waking into conscious awareness of being here.
When it is appropriate for the human soul to blossom, you recognize the common ground where angels and mortals come together in life, and you find yourself standing on hallowed ground while still here in the physical body, knowing you are here to hold the space for humankind’s divine image and likeness until human duality is integrated. Years ago when you recognized your ability to remember ahead, you foresaw the present moment when your incarnating angelic spirit and body associated self become aligned, and you remembered the angelic human that you are.