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Your Soul Is of the Light of Creation

Your Soul Is of the Light of Creation Mother of Creation through Judith K. Moore

I am the Mother of Creation, the Mother of Life, who has been called Mary. I birthed your soul into the light from my womb of love, and you became oneness. As a manifestation of the love of creation, you chose to make a journey to experience compassion, and for a time, you might have forgotten your origin, but you will always return to love because it is the source of creation that formed you, made you who you are, and filled you with light.
Humanity has journeyed through a dark and fearful time, seeking love and finding comfort with each other through the power of compassion, for it is this creation that births itself into being, moment by moment, through the power of your heart and your soul. You are not separate from God. You are of God. And through many cycles upon cycles upon cycles, your soul has risen to the light and returned to oneness.
Now creation is forming itself of light, birthing a new world of peace through your heart and your soul. Your soul receives the outpouring of love from the source of creation now to birth this new light into the world to illuminate the darkness and the illusion of fear and separation. The power of your soul is a gift of creation, for you, my beloved ones, are born of light.