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You Have Chosen Love

You Have Chosen Love Starbeings of Conroy through Thelma Bodnar

Our prayers fall around you so that you know our great love for you. You may choose to recognize and receive them, or you may dismiss them as not for you. We understand, as it has long been your free will. Nevertheless, we wish you to acknowledge our deep and abiding love for each of you. And as the days go by and the struggles become more intense for some of you, we hope you will choose to accept the gifts we offer you. The gifts are distinct for each of you. You carry your body, and you carry your hardships. You walk and talk in ways completely unique to you.
Even though one size does not fit all, we tell you that you are all one. You were birthed from Creator/Source, and you live and die. Everything between has your distinctive signature on it, but that does not preclude your oneness.
We are here to speak to you of your awakening processes. No one awakens at the same time and in the same way. Some are ready before others, and some will never be ready in this lifetime. No one is better than any other; you are merely at different points in the process.