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You Exist from Here to Eternity

You Exist from Here to Eternity The Heart of the Mother through Sarah Weiss

I am the living Earth, the conscious Earth, the Mother of Creation. As we move forward into the year of 2018, I will help you connect more fully to your fifth-dimensional consciousness. You will remember that you are a multidimensional being who exists from here to eternity. You are the human and the starseed. You are the light, and you are the way to your own fully realized being.
Twenty eighteen is the year of self-realization. This is the year you will claim the many dimensions of your being, from Earth to heaven. You will realize deeply and fully that the dimensions of your consciousness are the stairway to heaven that you seek. No more looking outside of yourself for the teacher, guru, or guide. You will know you are the embodiment of all wisdom, creation energy, and love.
As humans, you incarnated in my heart and consciousness with a purpose. Yet you keep looking backward or upward and to the past or the future in confusion and pain. Look down at your feet and realize it is I, the Heart of the Mother, who provides the immersion experience you seek.