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You Can Have It All

You Can Have It All The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Is your cosmic diamond self, whose multifacets assist you with all your self-reflections, ready to step into the self-realized, enlightened, divine human master and the lightbody? The cosmic self does things with you in your self-reflective, diamond cell body. The enlightened divine human allows the cosmos to bring you everything in order to create, enjoy your quantum senses, and continually self-realize.
If you knew a beautiful, mysterious one was already at the door with all your heart desires in your new life, the answers to your every question, all the abundant love you could hold, would you let you in? Do you need all those mirrors of others’ self-reflections to tell you who you still are, or just this beautiful one?
Is this mysterious one, the you that is also all your aspects, living in peace in this one vessel? Is this you the passion that is spirit with all your new quantum senses to explore? Is this you self-realizing the memory of love? Does this master want you to stay in the experience of each moment until it reveals itself in the fulfillment, in the freedom of self-realization, so that the imagination of the All That Is answers to your every excitement?