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You Are Love

You Are Love Jesus through Virginia Ellen

Virginia: I just returned home from an Activation of the Sacred Seals retreat, and it was a glorious week of purification for me. The last two days were filled with magic; as the initiatives were anointed, Jesus manifested, and the love was purer than I had ever experienced. I felt the light coming through my face as he looked at each person with pure, sweet love. Layer upon layer of fear was shed as each received the blessing of unconditional love. As the attendees went through their initiations, I lay on my yoga mat and cried and cried as the past pains of my life were cleansed from my heart. I am new, reborn, lighter than I have ever been, and very grateful for the gift of purification and the way home to my love (Sacred Heart Yoga).
After being home for two days, I awoke early (around 5am) and entered a new level of ascension, the final phase. My organs are now being purified. Jesus spoke of this very early in my channeling.
Jesus: To become a Christ is God’s highest ideal for humans. God is within every cell of your body. It is the spark of life that created you. As you practice your Sacred Heart Yoga each day, your brain receives the frequencies of spirit. The brain then sends impulses of high vibrations to the body through the central nervous system. Your body will vibrate and even quake from these high vibrations. As the cells receive the impulses of divine thought through energy, divinity is projected into every cell of your body. This is created by the cell’s multiplication of itself.