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The Veil Is Thinning to Aid Unification

The Veil Is Thinning to Aid Unification Isis through Robert Shapiro

Something is occurring now that would be good for all of you to know. To bring about an awareness of each other’s feelings and even desires, you will be going through a time when the barriers between dimensions are very thin. In other worlds where there’s only benevolence, very often there are no barriers in dimensions that are close to the one in which you are living, and you can be consciously aware of what’s going on in some other dimension because it’s completely safe and benevolent.
In the world you are living in, you know that benevolence is not a complete experience for you. Rather, it is something that happens sometimes. You need to be aware of the reason for the thinning happening temporarily in places around the globe. It is to help the unification process that you are all undergoing so that you can be aware of each other on a level that includes your physical feelings in coordination with your consciousness. In this way, it will be possible for you to know and feel other people’s needs even when they are a significant distance from you.
In normal situations for you on other planets, you would always know when people somewhere, maybe even on another plane, need temporary assistance. You and perhaps your friends or your family would do what you could to give them assistance. That circumstance is happening for you all now.