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Simple Steps to Celebrate 2018 and Beyond

Simple Steps to Celebrate 2018 and Beyond Tony Samara

Twenty eighteen will be a very exciting and powerful time with major planetary alignments happening that we may or may not be aware of. When these alignments happen, the energy flows and connects to consciousness (being the depth of our beings) in a most unique and special way.
Exciting but often very confusing, these alignments happen inside and outside us, subtly and profoundly. As a result, the flow of daily life for many people might seem more intense, and the intensity experienced does not happen because we are intensely joyous or intensely celebratory. Rather, it is because we are challenged by the ego part of the mind, also known as the lower state of consciousness, that we are also part of.
It is so easy to fall into a negative mindset and not see the possibility or the potential beyond that. Of course, for some, it might be quite a different experience, one in which it seems as if we are reaching a point within our potential that can expand our experience beyond the suffering and limitations that many are struggling with, enabling us to come back home to a heartfelt celebration of what life is all about.