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Revelations and Accountability

Revelations and Accountability Guides through Maggie Wahls

Maggie: As a traditional shaman walking the path of my shaman ancestors for over sixty years, I have seen people change their minds from biases and prejudices to compassion and loving kindness many times in my lifetime. I have observed where people will go with their ideas and beliefs in 2018, and this is what my guides have shown to me.
Guides: Human beings are going to find a greater respect for the female (yin) nature of life — from the female aspects of kindness and compassion to the nurturing of the planet — in many ways. You will no longer depend on countries or societies to take care of Earth; rather, people will develop a sense of responsibility and gather in groups and organizations freely to do what they need to do to keep this planet healthy and safe in 2018.
You will pray more that Mother Earth will do what she needs to balance herself, and you will stop using mechanical means to control the weather. Mother Earth needs to be left to her own ways of health. You will call out and bring notice to the groups and companies doing harm to Mother Earth so that they no longer remain invisible.