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Practice the Art of Nothingness

Practice the Art of Nothingness Hirohito through Jill Harrison

While visiting Japan for my Metatronic Spiritual School Tour, on my day off from teaching and meeting with clients for private sessions, I had decided to spend the morning at a little café tucked away from the noise and bustle of Tokyo’s main streets. Down a small alleyway, I found a lovely little Japanese café with an English theme. It had just one table and one chair outside, and on the table were beautiful flowers in a vase. It was as though it had magically appeared just for me. I sat down and ordered a coffee and something to eat.
I was enjoying the tranquillity when I felt the presence of spirit with me. I said hello and invited the spirit to make itself known. What follows is a discourse with a Japanese male who said his name was Hirohito. When I asked who he was and what he did, he said his physical role was not important. What he did in his last incarnation was not important. What was important was that he was simply known as Divine energy, “For in truth,” he said, “that is what everything is.”
He wished to share some of his knowledge with me, to help me, and he asked whether I would like his assistance. At the time of ordering my coffee, I was wondering why life had so many ups and downs, so many disparities. My thoughts had drawn Hirohito to me. I invited Hirohito to share with me everything that he wanted to. I also asked him whether it was permissible for me to write down his comments so that I could share them with others, to which he agreed. Here is what he had to say.