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The Portals between Heaven and Earth

The Portals between Heaven and Earth The Three Marys through Norma Gentile

The three Marys reflect the combined Divine Feminine energies of the three women named Mary within the standard Bible. Mary Magdalene is usually the most prominent, and her energetic voice is often felt by readers.

You who are in form and we who are not are inexorably connected. What happens to any one of us happens to us all. As you on Earth continue your journeys as spiritual beings in the form of humans, we who appear to you as light and sound and who are also beings of spirit journey alongside you now and always.
When chaos reigns externally in your personal life or on Earth, we feel it too. What you experience as external chaos creates an internal pressure to find your still, quiet, and most sacred center. As more people more frequently find their still, quiet center, the quiet within generates a quality of energy that permeates them as well as the world. This is the loudest silence. In this way, chaos hears the quiet within each person, and its fabric is rewoven into a new, more cohesive pattern. You perceive this pattern as peace. We who appear as external to humans feel this quiet and find delight in it. Creativity reigns within it. When you are present in the world and express yourself fully, you become our purest form of pleasure.