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Peace Accepts the Opposites of Life

Peace Accepts the Opposites of Life Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia, yet I consist of many entities that compose a greater whole. In this, there is much mystery for those who are earthbound and only see the world through the physical senses. For many of you, the stresses of human life have impeded your ability to feel deeply and to be fully alive. This is a travesty, dear ones, for one of the greatest gifts of being human is the opportunity to fill your hearts with gratitude and to find joy in the physical vessel that you inhabit.
Why do many of you despise the vessel that is holy in every aspect? Why do you see the need to separate the spiritual from the physical, emotions from thoughts, the soul from the body? They are all the same, representing the body and what it means to be human unified in all aspects of self.
This is a difficult concept for some to image because your cultures and religions have largely taught that the body must fight against the soul. The heart is separate from the mind and can never be at peace. The very love of the Creator that fills Earth and the universe with ample opportunities for growth and learning is naturally disconnected from the human experience. You are taught that you must suffer to earn the love and blessings of the Creator. This is not so, dear ones, not so.