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The Next Portal Has Been Activated

The Next Portal Has Been Activated Spiritus Sanctus through Pam Murray

My beloveds, how wonderful it is to have this vehicle to communicate with you. I have come today to tell you about a portal that is opening. In truth, it is not new, but it is now accessible to you. Because so many of you are dedicated to growing in the light, the great ones have activated portal 817. This portal gives you entrée to more and more powerful energies that help you with soul growth and manifestation.
This portal is one of activation. It allows you to gradually increase your vibration to match that of the higher octaves. This is done through daily practice. The reason for the gradual increase is so that your precious physical vessel can absorb and process the changes. Much of the change is like detoxification. If the body is given too much too fast, it will become weaker and may even be damaged. Allow the spirit within you to process this at precisely the correct rate for you.
Does this sound tedious? I assure you, it’s not. In fact, it is very simple and takes only a few moments a day. The rewards, especially for your soul, are great. Within this portal lie many of the seeds of your soul’s advancement. You will take another step in your quest to work with the great ones. As you take more steps toward attainment and ascension, you escape the effects of the morphogenetic fields of Earth and begin to form your own. These fields, if formed by enough people, will transmute Earth into the paradise it was meant to be.