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Medical Intuitive: Dis-ease from the Ego

Medical Intuitive: Dis-ease from the Ego Stacey Mayo

I have sciatic pain in my legs and deep pain behind my knees. It is extremely hard on me, and it’s painful to walk and sit. Nothing I’ve tried has helped. Why is it so hard to heal the sciatica?
— Paula

From Stacey: Your system is off-center and has been since birth. Over time, this has gotten worse. Your organs, muscles, blood vessels, joints, and everything are weakened. This causes difficulty for your spine to hold alignment. The weakened muscles move out of position and press on your nerves, causing pain in your sciatic nerves and other parts of your body.
The root cause of this is abuse from 191 lifetimes. The trauma and curses were contained in your ego cells, and nothing has healed these cells throughout your entire evolution. Ego cells are in every cell in your system. The traumas, curses, old anger, and upset that are unhealed cause lack of ease and disease in your system. This has also worn on your nerves.