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Make Room to Create Opportunity

Make Room to Create Opportunity Kuan Yin and the ETs of Light through Maureen St. Germain

You are beacons of love and light. Your connections with your divine selves are real. Ask for this connection to be available to you more often. Do not give up when you ask once and get no response. This is so that we know you are sincere and so that you know your petitions made the difference. Otherwise, some of you will say, “Oh well, that would have occurred regardless of my request.”
Some have deep faith, and when you make a petition, it is answered quickly because you are in a manifestation mode. Those who fit that category do not need to petition constantly, as you know your manifestations are materialized very quickly. In 5D there is no waiting period, so there is no problem. We suggest you see yourself doing the things that prove you have already achieved what you are trying to manifest.