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Learn to Ground into New Earth Energies

Learn to Ground into New Earth Energies Archangel Michael through Norma Gentile

Archangel Michael: Many people have been feeling odd lately. Most assume it has to do with the various weather storms or political world events, but there is more going on. There have been not one but two major shifts in the underlying energies of your planet and much of your solar system. The frequencies of the foundational energies that make up your reality have changed — twice. And it’s a lot for a human body to keep up with!
What do I mean when I say your reality shifted, and how does it happen? Your reality shifts when people make choices out of a more loving and compassionate aspect of consciousness than they have done previously. There is a minimum needed of three-fifths, or a golden mean, of all humanity to agree to make each reality shift permanent. For example, during the month of August 2017, we (both human reality and the nearby spiritual realities) shifted once, and then we shifted again into completely new realities. It is like a baseball game was started in one town, then everyone picked up and moved it to another town for a few innings, and then they decided to move again for a few more innings. It’s the same game but in different settings.
Norma: In an apropos metaphor, Archangel Michael reminded me that when floodwaters wash away the ground underneath a building, removing the soil upon which its foundation rested, the building shifts and cracks. Eventually its foundation will need to be rebuilt, or the building will collapse. So too when we shift into a new reality, the underpinnings of our old ways of doing things simply do not exist.