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The Law of One

The Law of One Jesus through Virginia Ellen

You often speak of the concept of oneness. It is time to expand your understanding of oneness. In the highest truth, you are all one soul. You are all part of the soul of the Creator. The Creator is the Central Sun or often called the Godhead. You are the radiant light of the Sun, which makes you the sun of the Sun. I understood that I was the sun of the Sun, which is what Christianity says is the Son of God. I did not use the term “God,” for it was not part of the Aramaic language I spoke.
I spoke of Alaha and prayed to Alaha, the All That Is, sacred unity, the one life, the one love, the one breath, the one heart. I had embraced that I was united with All That Is in each moment. I am the sun of the Sun and united with All That Is. When there was a need, I understood that it came from the All That Is, sacred unity, and that I was one with what I needed. This is a very important concept to embrace.
Each miracle I demonstrated was given from sacred unity. I would open to receive the energy and wisdom, and then it would flow to me and live through me. I did nothing by myself. The energy of sacred unity is a formless love; it is the crystalline light of unconditional love flowing through a human into the form of miracles on Earth. Indeed, you can bring heaven to Earth as I did.